They'll get you Lured & Hooked!

While charting our course - both in business and in the waters, we noticed that most products were simple-minded, basic and not very creative. To make matters worse, these lack luster offers had a very high price tag for what they were – or more accurately, what they weren’t. We found the need to roll up our shirtsleeves and get our feet wet. As you will see, Striker products have a lot more thought, engineering and versatility behind them and within them (see the coming soon section).

With Striker, you'll truly find a solution that saves time and money. Less expensive and more efficient - giving you more time on the water to actually fish. While other lures are all skirted up with only one skirt, our lures come with an entire set of skirts (sold separately) so you can dress them properly for the occasion. What if you cast an impressive spread, but they're just not hitting on your colors today? You'd either spend a lot of time pulling your lines in, cutting your liters, replacing the lures and re-crimping. Sounds like a lot of unnecessary primping to us. It’s truly, no fuss, no more messing around and wasting time. With one of our proprietary products, now when you see what colors they're hitting on, you can act accordingly. Simply pop the skirt off, put a new one on and catch the big one!