Cast from a Different Mold

Striker Worldwide has been luring offshore fishermen and women to the sport since 1998. Creating innovative products and making better sportsmen, while improving the sport overall. Keeping it afloat. Raising the bar. And sinking the competition.

As lifelong fishing enthusiasts, at Striker, we were simply not enthused by some of the product's capabilities. Our passion for fishing runs deeper than most - it runs so deep that we feel an obligation to make the sport better by fixing what we think is broken, or more accurately, improving what was just not working as well as it could. Hence feeling a vested interest and dedication to furthering the sport.

We can assure our loyal customers and our competition that we are committed to making our products and the sport even better through our experience, knowledge and relentless experimentation. Our entrance into the world of manufacturing fishing lures, hook sets and accessories was not only a natural fit, but a job we knew we could tackle. Our goal is to enable other offshore sports fishermen and women to enjoy the sport and make it as easy as possible. We're bringing a competitive edge - whether we or our customers compete or not - closer to the water. Keeping the sport on more of an inventive plain. And adding more technology to sport.