Interactive Viewer: Hook Sets
Hook. Line. And never a sinking feeling.   Technicals Specs:
Available in 7-8-9-10 Single / Double 90° offsets / Double 180° offsets
1 Heavy duty heat shrink
2 High-vis hook protectors
3 49 Strand stainless steel cable
4 Line protector
5 Double crimps
6 Momoi leader
7 Mustad 2555 stainless hooks (Available in Blood Red, Stealth Blue and
Bright Stainlenss)
Hook Sets
The hook sets are available in several colors: Blood Red (wounded fish), Stealth Blue(nearly invisible in water) and Bright Stainless(traditional). They are made in single and doubles with 90-degree and 180-degree offsets.
And produced with 40-strand stainless steel cable. They are machine-crimped with double crimps to ensure the ultimate strength and reliability. In addition, they are heavy duty adhesive-lined (plus, shrink wrap is applied to give added stiffness to the rig). They are then double crimped to a 20 foot Momoi leader (mono-filament or florocarb).