Chamaleon Red
Chamaleon Flathead  
In few seconds flat, will change the way you fish forever.
The Chameleon lure is designed to give anglers the best advantage when fishing. The flathead features a large cupped face with six (6) tapered intake holes to maximize the breath it takes every time it comes out of the water. With five (5) glass balls to mensate in the air stream, it produces a long fine smoke trail. In addition, the glass balls emulate a school of small baitfish. With the quick-change skirt system, you can change skirts in seconds out on the water as the fishing conditions change. You'll save time and maximize your competitive edge.
  Technicals Specs:
1 Oversized reflective eye
2 Side exhaust vents
3 E-Z replacable skirts
4 5 Glass beads in large air chamber
Chamaleon Conehead  
Diversified. Ever changing. Yet forever dependable.
The chameleon conehead is designed to be a high-speed troller or downrigger
bait. With a head weight of five (5) ounces, it can be trolled at 5 to 7 knots, or run on a downrigger with a specialty designed lead insert that allows air to travel through the top intake vents and out the side exit vents. This produces an open smoke trail (previously not found on conehead lures) that doesn't wash out your bait. In addition, the conehead features the quick-change skirt system that allows you to change your skirts in seconds as the fishing conditions change. This maximizes your fishing advantage and saves you time out on the water.
  Technicals Specs:
1 3.8oz head
2 E-Z replaceable skirts
3 Intake vents
4 Oversized reflective eye
5 Side exhaust vents
6 Brass tube