Interactive Viewer: Bionic Baily
Sleek body. Smooth movement. Stunning Results.   Technicals Specs:
1 Brass tube
2 Large reflective eye
3 EZ replaceable head
4 Slit for pin rig
5 High reflective heavy duty 2 mil mylar side body
6 Small tail for more swimming action
7 Large cavity for trolling with or without meat
8 1.3 oz head
Bionic Bally
The bionic bally is designed to give the angler a more durable and effective artificial ballyhoo. Featuring a large reflective eyes, chrome sided bodies and heavy gage mylar body. The bionic bally produces higher flash and more swimming action than your standard dead bally. It can be pulled at 3 to 7 knots or run on a downrigger, either naked or with meat. When trolled with a ballyhoo, the water tension is broken to give your bally extended life and longevity. With the quick-change tail system, you can change the bally's look in seconds to give you the ultimate edge in every fishing condition.